Testimonials Case 1

I have used Crosby Small Claims Service for many years and always received prompt and efficient service at an excellent price.  I would not hesitate to recommend Bob to anyone who needs a turnkey small claims processor.  -Andrew J. Cawte C.R.O. Revenue Supervisor City of Asuza

Testimonials Case 2

For over 20 years, Modern Finance Company has depended on Crosby Small Claims Service for all our court filings and process serving.  They are efficient, accurate and provide great value -Laurie Gosh Vice President Modern Finance

Testimonials Case 3

Crosby Small Claims Service is the only company I us for the entire state of California for my small claims cases.  Not only do they prepare, serve and process all of our court requests, but they are done in a extremely timely and professional manner.  The staff is always very eager to help and are always available for questions.  This is one company I am pleased to be associated with and will be associated with for many years to come. -Rick Blunt Recovery Supervisor United Auto Credit

Testimonials Case 4

I am writing to recommend the services of Crosby Small Claims Service.  I have been using Crosby Small Claims Service for not only service of process but for all of our court needs for the past twenty five years.  During that time we have not only developed a business relationship but also a personal one. -Ray Para Transworld Agency

Testimonials Case 5

I have been using Crosby Small Claims Service for the past 8 years to do our proof of service for our small claims and I am completely satisfied with the service we have received.  We have not assigned a case that they could not serve. -Joel Bowen Loan Resolution Manager Caltech Employees FCU

Testimonials Case 6

I have been very satisfied with Crosby’s service. Our members are served in a timely manner. I have never had any complaints from our memebers regarding service. I would refer this company to other credit unions without hesitation. Thank you for your great service.

Linda Ramos Southern California Federal Credit Union

Testimonials Case 7

Am Federal Credit Union has been in business for 75 years and I have worked at the credit union for 7 years. I have records dated back for 20 years that we have used Crosby Small Claims for our small claims as servers. There was one time I was getting ready to have Crosby Small Claims serve a member on that day and then Bankruptcy papers came in the mail. I called Crosby Small Claims and they were able to locate the server and stop the process. I can say, I have never had any problems when I appear at court of defendant (s) not been served properly. Great Job!!

Cindy Coleman Special Account

Testimonials Case 8

We have used Crosby Small Claims Service for many years and have been very satisfied with their services.

Nora McNeela Galpin Motors, Inc. Collections Department

Testimonials Case 9

I have been using Crosby Small Claims for all my service nned now for 3 years, and I have found a company that actually cares about the people they are servicing not just the ones they are serving. The staff at Crosby Small Claims has always been courteous, and willi to help me anderstan whe I had a concern I was not clear on. I have used many different “Service Companies” in the past and have to say that Crosby Small Claims Service was the one service we found that actually made a positive impact on our company and would recoment Crosby Small Claim to anyone who has the need for legal documens served, person or asset located, or monie recovered post judgment. in a nut shell if you’re no using Crosby small Claims you should be !!!!!!!!!

Cary Hughes Owner Independent Financial Services LLC

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